Saturday, 20 January 2007

4gb MicroSD!!!

Finally managed to track down some stock - check out here - cant believe how cheap they are! Be sure to check they work with your mobile as they dont work with all as somebody correctly commented... there are ways of making it work for the HTC Hermes (Tmobile Vario 2/ Orange SPV M3100) however, get in touch via email and ill point you in the right direction.

Wow, just read on Jason Langridges blog that Kingmax have just announced a 4gb micro sd card! Where will this end!

[Image from Engadget]
More details from Engadget about this!



Anonymous said...

This is the new SD-High Capacity and is not compatibile with the normal old slots.

Anonymous said...

anyone konw if this will work on the Smasung Blackjack smatphone? I have a 2GB in mine now and want a couple more gigs added. Thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Jon

Im sorry, but as far as Im aware the vario 2 is the only windows smart phone which can be modified to support the sdhc cards.



Anonymous said...

Seen a 4gb Sandisk microsd card on for £29.99inc vat...
if you type the voucher code "MICROFREEDEL" then you get free shipping...

total price £29.99 inc vat & Delivery

FlashMemory said...
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FlashMemory said...

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