Friday, 26 January 2007

Google Searcher update number 2

Wow, the Google searcher that I developed because I wanted to learn about wpf (see has now been downloaded over 2200 times, and even better I have just received this email:-

Dear Ross Dargan,

thank you for your answer. I have tested your gadget.
It's great!

"CHIP" is one of the leading computer magazines in Europe.
In addition
to the monthly issue we publish approximately 20 special issues
a year.
As a special service we provide a Cover-CD in every issue of CHIP.
important part of this CD is dedicated to high quality trial-, share-
and freeware. We are quite interested to publish your Software on our
Cover-CD. So it would be very kind if you would allow us to add "google
searcher" to the next issue. If you agree, please sign the attached
document and send it by fax to:
If you're not able to fax
the document, we would be lucky if you could
send us your permission by
It would be great if you sent us your permission as soon as

Best regards

Manuel Schreiber
CHIP Special

Im amazed that this has received such interest, time for an update to add US support I think!

I wonder if the top secret IE plugin Im currently working on will generate as much interest as well!


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