Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Little Update

Im chuffed to bits as I have managed to secure a ticket to webdd where Im particularly looking forward to hearing what Scott Guthrie (If you havnt read is blog you really should!) has to say as he will be giving some cool talks. Im also looking forward to learning all about microformats (stay tuned for more info on them!), a look at Orcas and WPF/e. Expect some detailed blogging of the whole event!

Also I have released version 1.1 of Google Searcher (now with the option to choose the region to search) and at the request of a friend slightly more Microsoft biased a Live.com searcher!

And finally I have integrate a Google ajax searcher with a lot of help from http://ajaxsearch.blogspot.com/. (The only problem I found was when I got the following error with Bloggers XML checker "XML error message: The reference to entity "v" must end with the ';' delimiter" - simply replace the "&" with "&" within the link to the ajax api and it should work a treat!)

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