Friday, 26 January 2007

Wanted: Clever People! (must have G.S.O.H.)

We are hiring! and..

Waterstons are a business and technology consultancy involved in the development of bespoke client systems, and we could do with another creative technical architect with excellent people skills (and hopefully a thirst for bleedy edge technology - suppose you wouldn't be ready this blog if that was you though!)

[Blurb from HR manager]
Track record of .NET technical architecture and design. Knowledge and experience
of designing SharePoint architecture and customising SharePoint would be an
advantage. Someone business savvy with great customer relationship skills.
[/End Blurb from HR manager]

We are also after infrastructurey people (Cisco experts etc) and good business consultants

Leave your questions here as a comment or feel free to email me at :-

ross.dargan [at] (obviously replace the [at] with a @, in fact if you didn't think of doing this, this don't worry about emailing:-)!!)


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