Monday, 12 February 2007

Ajax Control Toolkit: Cascading Dropdownlist

I have created a page using the cascading drop down list ( I decided to place the method to load the drop down lists inside my page instead of creating a web service, however I found that it was never changing the results sent to the drop down list even after I changed the method!

The solution - stop Visual studios inbuilt web server after a build - it caches the web method and so it doesn't refresh even through a rebuild!



Anonymous said...

Do you have any sense if there is a performance difference with the callbacks going to the page rather than calling the service? Was the descision simply preference or some thoughtful reason?

Unknown said...

I did it just to see if I could - I cant imagine there is any performance gain tbh.

If I developed it again I wouldnt host it within the page, for to much of a pain in the backside - but it was just so people knew about how to fix this issue if they came across it.

Hope that helps


Unknown said...

hi Ross,

just ran across your blog - been trying to host it within the page , cant create a webservice as its someone else's code and they wont authorize me using the webservice.also the database access is a lot of mucking about with business layers and all that ...

if you dont mind could u email the way you did it? code snippet would be best...

Thanks in advance