Wednesday, 14 February 2007

ValidatorCallout and CustomValidators

We have adopted the ValidatorCallout Ajax control toolkit because it looks very smart, and we are using a custom validator to ensure that the same item isn't getting added twice to the database using server side validation.

Problem: The validator callout doesn't appear - the server side validation does prevent the insert from happening, but no message is displayed to the user!

Solution: The only solution unfortunately is to implement your code using client side validation (aka javascript). I don't have time to implement the required script for each custom validator, so we have dropped the ValidatorCallout for all server side validation.

This is a known issue on the controls page known issues section:
The callouts do not currently display automatically after a server post-back
and will only work for custom validators which utilize client-side validation.
Even after a post-back the callout will display when the form is re-validated
when a postback is attempted again.
I suppose it makes sense for it not to work, but its a bit of a shame that it doesn't.

So Validator callout will only work for client side validation (works great for all the other validators, just not the custom validator)!




Asheesh Soni said...

This has been fixed in changeset 30991.

Asheesh Soni

Neha said...
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