Sunday, 4 February 2007


or not, I mean talk about somebody trying to hype up nothing

The "Security Hole" is that windows vista now has voice activation, so you can say commands like "Empty Recycle Bin" and your PC will do it.

Now some plonker is suggesting that a web site could have a recording of somebody saving "Delete all files in my documents" then "empty recycle bin" and voila all your documents are gone. This only works however if the user has activated voice commands, has the mic and speakers turned on and close enough together to pick up the command. Oh and the user isn't close enough to the PC to turn the speakers off.

This is not a security flaw, I mean come on - when will this end!! What about "Hackers" randomly calling peoples landlines, hoping they will have there phone on loud speaker and shouting down the phone "delete all files!!!"

All sounds like an attempt to get publicity to me!!!

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