Saturday, 31 March 2007

Getting to grips with "Ajax": Calling Web Services

This is the next in my Getting to grips with "Ajax" series

You can watch this in YouTube, however you may have some issues with text, so I recommend downloading it from here (sorry I know its a horrible way to share files, but the free doesn't allow files over 10mb! If I produce a few more videos I will consider paying for the extra space - unless someone wants to donate some better hosting!!)

Points to note:-
This video shows you how to call a web service, pass a variable number of paramaters into the service, and display the results.

This requires a reasonable understanding of Javascript especially to do something useful with the data at the end.

A bit of fun:-
Nobody has guessed the music at the start and end of the track - so keep guessing!

As always please leave your comments and let me know what you think - also if you have any thing you would really like me to demo then let me know!

Source Code:-

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