Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Getting to grips with "Ajax": Upgrading existing sites

Im starting to do video demos showing you how to do different things in Ajax. My first video blog is going to demo upgrading an existing web site to use Microsoft .net Ajax.

You can watch the demo in you tube, or downloaded it from the Box.net widget below.

Points to note:-
When you are copying the web config be 100% sure you do not overwrite any important information from your current site - and make sure the config section comes first otherwise your project wont compile!

A bit of fun:-
There will be a small prize for the person who can first guess the music at the start and end of the video!

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think - also if you have any thing you would really like me to demo then let me know!


Ok so it appears that Microsoft already have a demo showing exactly this! doh, Wish I had checked there first - you can grab there demo from here:-

Hopefully my next demo will be more unique!


Anonymous said...

I like this, it's a good idea.. the only thing was that I couldn't see the text properly so that made it hard to follow.. Possibly if you could zoom in on the text or make the font size bigger, it would enhance the video..

One question I had though was what program did you use to record the video from the screen?

(Reply to this comment, I'll check here again in a day or 2. :))


Unknown said...

Hi J,

Thanks for your comment. It was recorded using Windows Media Encoder. I then edited it using Windows Movie Maker - all free products from Microsoft!

I know the text is a bit small to read, this is why I made a downloadable version which shows the text very clearly. Unfortunately YouTube reduces the resolution when you upload videos to the point that it makes reading text very difficult indeed.


Anonymous said...

I've tried using Windows Media Encoder before and that works great, however I have a serious problem with the audio - It's always too low and you can bearly hear it on playback. Tips?

For the last 2 or so hours I have been trying out Windows Movie Maker and my progress has been woeful! My main issue with that is that the output video is of poor quality.. I've tried Saving to my computer using many of the different Movie Settings but so far, the same low qual. (not sure if it's because I'm being limited to 720x480 px) Tips?

I downloaded your vid and I recognise that it's 768x576.. how'd you choose that size? I'm thinking it's because you're using Vista and thus the new Movie Maker.. Probably it let's you choose that setting?

Thanks for your help.

Unknown said...

Hi J

Quite a lot of questions - so much so I was going to do a whole post on the answers... but I think I will just email you instead - wing me an email to [email protected][NOSPAM]the-dargans.co.uk and I will see if I can help you out.

If anyone else is interested in this then leave a comment and ill turn my answer into a blog post.