Monday, 19 March 2007

Real time communication in 2007

A great video has just been posted on Steve Claytons blog (

Its great to see this video as it really shows the business case for all the latest RTC technologies. Whats scary is that all most all of the technology used in this video is available now-
  • Microsoft Office Communicator: Presence, and the flagging users as high priority, as well as all the instant messaging - and perhaps even the virtual office stuff - MOC can redirect calls etc
  • Microsoft Live Meeting 2007: Using round table - the panoramic video, the meeting space, viewing presentation etc
  • Exchange 2007: Voice mail messages, and meeting reminders, postponing meetings - would have been really cool to see the new voice integration being used!
  • Sharepoint 2007: The related professionals part, finding the statistician could easily have been done with sharepoint 2007. The team workspace also looked like a team site in sharepoint.
  • Windows Mobile 6: Watching videos (the Hawaii bit at the start!), real time traffic alerts (ok, so this isn't quite up to the level they showed in the video). Conference calls (In the video they used MOC for mobile to start a conference call, not sure if this is possible yet, but you could do a normal conference call)

The only technology shown which is currently not available is Microsoft panoramic "round table" camera. The limiting factor holding all of this back currently is bandwidth. I would imagine that by 2010 this should be more realistic!

Would be really nice if Microsoft did produce a kind of uber Live Meeting product which did pull all of the technologies together as a single unified program like the software shown in the video, but there are so many technologies involved this could be some way off!


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Anonymous said...

Exciting to think how technology can make our daily lives easier! Looking forward to seeing Microsoft's new version, of Live Meeting.

Nice Video.