Wednesday, 13 June 2007

New AJAX control toolkit released

but don't download it if you use the filtered text box - they have really screwed it up!

You can see the bugs (they are so obvious as well!!) just go to the live demo site (here), put in a number in the first box, leave the box and go back into it - try and highlight the text with the mouse, or try and put some more numbers at the front!

Such a shame because there are some good bug fixes... guess I will have to wait until the next release though!

Please go here and vote to have this fixed!

Apprently this is limited to IE 7... some testing would have been nice:)

Also, no need to vote for it anymore, the issue has been closed and will be fixed in the next release thankfully!
kirtid wrote Today at 3:32 AM
Closing. Will be part of the next release.




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