Saturday, 9 June 2007

Random Thoughts

Its been a while since I have blogged, so thought Id cover some cool/strange things coming up and my 2 cents about them!!

3D Printing
Now this is cool technology, heard about this a while ago, but this is the first real device you are going to be able to buy. So useful for things like your hoover breaking, just download the "image", print it and you have your new part... but how long before you get hardware torrents!

Blogger Threatened For Publishing JS Hack
Now this is funny - somebody posted a technique to disable the right click prevention javascript code - I mean come on which bright spark decided this was worthy of court action.

Charging Pads
This technology has been a while in the coming, but is going to make such a big difference to me! I read in a magazine a while back that the where talking about PoW (Power over wireless) which would allow for much great distances, but a pad would definitely do for now! It would be interesting to see how well it manages to scale, because obviously everyone is going to want to put about 5 devices on there!

Well, where to start with this! This could be as bit as the cursor was for windows potentially! Id love to know how much of the videos are actually fully working demos and how much are souped up power point presentations! My only concern regards usability, this could be a major hurdle, as I bet screen readers wouldn't even know where to start with a Surface app! I also hope that this is actually a shell replacement, not just something which sits on top of windows like media center, it needs to be 100% immersive.

Just seen this video after I wrote the above, and wow is all I can say - shame they have to use external cameras, but I suppose there is not really another way to do it... now if only they could integrate a charging pad into the mix!

HTC Touch
The new Ipod Phone Killer? Perhaps, but I doubt it - I cant help but think this is just an app which sits directly on top of the existing windows mobile 6 and the phone probably is not very different from my vario 2. Be very interesting to see if anyone can rip the application from the htc touch and release it as a separate application!

Windows Mobile 6
Well, where to start - this should probably be a post in its own right, but lets just cover the main topics.

Firstly the feature I have used most is the remote exchange search feature - it is incredible, fast and more accurate than the search in Outlook! Seriously I have used this loads and couldn't do without it now!

Flagging email messages in outlook! I hate having unread emails in my phone, I just cant do it, so I will read a message think I must remember to sort that, get into the office and have no unread messages - import job forgotten. Well know more thanks to allowing mobile clients to flag messages!

New MSN - well this is just great, like the old one but much better.

Its 100 times faster and much more reliable to, I have upgraded a phone from wm5 to wm6, and the difference is immense.

Media player no longer 'forgets' external cards, it used to have a nasty habit of losing all the music from my external card resulting in having to delete a directory on the memory card and telling the phone to search for my music again. Thankfully this has been fixed.

HOWEVER for some completely unknown reason the new mobile operating system cant open docx files! this is crazy!!! Never mind.

Google Reader
Not new technology, but so much better than outlook, plus you can check up on your feeds remotely so easily (works a treat on my mobile to!) and if you have a laptop you can down read all your rss feed offline! Very clever stuff! Only annoying features is that believe it or not, you cant search through the feeds! Given searching is googles game Im amazed that this has been missed (or maybe I just cant find the search box who knows!)

And thats all for now - promise to stay more on topic from now on!


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