Sunday, 16 December 2007

Microsoft SQL database searcher

A while back I was working with a SAP database and I had to try and find something in it - frustrated by not being able to just press ctrl+f to find it I wrote my own little program which does basically that.

This application searches every column in every table in the databases you select for the entered search term:

This was a very quickily written app which I created for personal use only really but I think its pretty useful so I might as well share it!

There are quite a few limitations of it:-
Can only login using a Sql username/password - no windows ones
currently doesnt search for column names - I cant remember why now but there was a reason... sure it could be added back in easily enough though.
You cant disconnect then re-connect to a different server or search across servers.
It only shows the first 9 columns then as a colRest which basically groups the rest together (it still searches all columns)

Let me know if this helped you or you like it and I might dust of the solution and fix some of the above issues!



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