Sunday, 16 December 2007

SQL server 2005 for developers by Peter DeBetta

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I have the attention span of a fish, but I just found it so difficult to put this book down!

Im going to start with the bad because there isn't much. Basically this book almost expects the user to be coming from SQL 2000 (which I was anyway) but might be a big jump for users coming straight into SQL 2005.

Now the good! Peter is clearly very enthusiastic about this topic and the code samples he provides are excellent (just about every page has a little snippet of code in it!). I sometimes have difficult in visualising points made just in text but Im quite comfortable in code so his style of writing really suited me but others may find it off putting.

I always try to pull out my favourite quote and Peter made this pretty easy for me this time!

"Resistance is futile. You will be "XML-ated"
page 53 (Chapter 3: XML-The Real Deal)

Yip he truly is a geek!

Anyway I strongly suggest that if you haven't moved from SQL 2000 then read up on what you are missing. SQL 2008 is just around the corner and this should help make that jump a bit smoother for you. If you are already using SQL 2005 then you could easily learn new things using this book (but unfortunately there is not magic button to make SSIS not suck.)

You can find his book on Amazon here: (UK) or just search for the ISBN: 0-7356-1962-x.

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