Saturday, 2 February 2008

A nice alternitave to Print Screen

If you use vista then you should have a tool called "Snipping Tool" installed. This is a really useful way to grab screen shots without having to then switch into paint brush to remove the trimmings you dont want!

It allows active window highlighting to only copy a single applications which is really useful and it then allows you to free hand draw over the images but doesnt include any autoshapes like circles so you may still need to pull the image into Paint brush.

There are a few annoyances of the app tho. For starters there is no undo mapped to ctrl-Z (you undo by using the eraser then clicking on the bits you dont want any more) Also by default it draws a red border around the image - you can turn this off by going into options and ticking "Show selection ink after snips are captured"

Other than that it is a very useful app I use all the time!

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