Saturday, 15 March 2008

Idea for some software

I have just seen Will Shipley's latest Blog posting ( and he says he has had his mac book stolen but he knows his MAC code, so he wants people to look out for it.

Well this got me thinking - what if everyone subscribes their laptop mac code to a website, and if it goes missing they flag it as stolen. Then working with people who provide WIFI services we have a little app which basically checks the list. If a stolen mac address is spotted then the police could be notified.

Just a thought - but I think this could be a really useful tool against laptop theft!



Unknown said...

Even better if I register your Mac for you and report it everytime you do a public presentation :)

Unknown said...

lol, ok maybe I havent thought it through fully!

Baz said...

It will even use the iSight to take a photo of the thieves and send it to you!