Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Im a Dad!

Sorry for not posting for so long... but I am now a dad to Adam William Dargan!


I just had to do a quick post after watching the mix 08 keynote speech (Thanks Paul!).

Some of the highlights included "Deep Zoom" which you can use here: - Very impressive!

The other topic mentioned was IE 8. I'm really excited about the "Web Slices" technology - I'm glad that Microsoft chose to use MicroFormat technology to implement this rather than some new dodgy tag - shouldn't be too long until someone creates a firefox plugin for this!

Silverlight for Nokia is pretty cool too... but I thought there was going to be another bigger announcement since this was released yesterday!

Read Duncan Rileys live blog of the event over at TechCrunch

Hopefully Ill get back to blogging about WCF soon as possible!


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Mahmoud Ramzy said...

Congratulations , May God saves him for you , ans I hope great life for him.