Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What don't you know?

As part of the review process at Waterstons we have to set objectives to try and achieve throughout the coming year. I want to orientate mine around stuff I didn't know but wanted to know - here is my list:-

Large scale architecture & design: Probably some kind of training course

Cloud Computing: Microsoft have a beta product called Asure which could offer us the ability to produce some very innovative and scalable solutions.

Microsoft enterprise library application blocks: these include code to make the following easier (and best practice): Caching, Cryptography, data access, logging and security. 

Code generation: Learn more about the code generation techniques we are using

Sql: My sql skills are purely self taught and there are loads of advanced techniques I just don’t know (not really sure how I would self learn this, I do know I have very little knowledge in SSIS).

Visual Studio 2010 & .net 4.0: This will be with us soon and I couldn’t really tell you what we will be getting (the beta is out now) 

ADO.Net data services: a colleague sent an email around about these – I think they could be quite a different way for us to consume sql information.

BI tools: I know the theory behind BI but not the tools 

Test Driven Development: The tools could be useful, but I’m really not sold on this

ASP.Net Routing: This technology allows us to create .net web sites which are search engine optimised (SEO) 

ASP.NET MVC: This is a different way of developing web applications that is gaining a lot of momentum – could easily become industry standard and Microsoft are putting a lot of money and resources into it.

ASP.Net data driven websites: Creates the scaffolding for data driven sites – should do things like code generation but this is from Microsoft

FX Cop/StyleCop: These tools perform analysis on source code to identify potential coding issues

It's really interesting to write a list like this - it defiantly helps organise your (lack of!) free time a bit better - what would be on your list?


Unknown said...

Hi Ross,

I'm suprised that FX Cop isn't built into your everyday development process. How do you currently ensure your code is compliant?

There are some awesome additions to .Net 4.0 and c# in particular. The addition of the "dynamic" keyword for dynamic anonymous typing is a long awaited feature. This, alongside named parameters will make the world of difference.

With regards to TDD, what specific tools do you mean? TDD is a methodology. Would be interesting to hear more as to why you aren't sold on this.

I'm also lost on BI tools. Do you mean business intelligence? If so, what tools. Or do you mean DI, dependency injection?

Unknown said...

Hi Ryan

FX Cop is one of them tools I have always meant to learn - I know what it does, but I'm worried its just going to constantly pester for things which arn't really issues. I guess its one of them things that once I have started using it Ill wonder how I ever managed without it!

The .net 4.0 stuff is interesting, I have started playing about with the beta. the dynamic keywords and the named parameters will make working with office a lot more enjoyable, but there really don't appear to be that many core language changes (not as many as .net 3.5).

TDD more as a methodology - a lot of the work we do is bespoke one of projects - I completely understand the benefit of using TDD on a long term "product" development, however on short term projects I can't help but think that the overhead of using TDD outweighs the benefits (I am open to being convinced however!)

I do mean Business Intelligence - I understand the concept (and have done BI projects in analysis services 2000) so I really just want to learn 2008 and some of the other tools Microsoft have.

Its great to write a list like this as it really allows you to focus slack time!