Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Announcing WHS Drobo Status!

I have always loved Microsoft's Windows Home Server and sing its praises whenever possible; however with the most recent version Microsoft decided to remove what I always thought was one of the best features - the drive extender!

Drobo as a product is a perfect fit for this gap. The product allows you to add multiple hard drives and collates the space, making it easy for a home user to expand their storage space on demand.

I always wanted a Drobo so when I saw a competition running on the Home Server Show's website to win one I knew I had to enter!

The competition required the development of an add-in for Windows Home Server (something I have always wanted to do but couldn't quite think of anything to build!) So, having put sleep aside for a few days I'm very pleased to announce the public beta of my WHS Drobo plugin!

The plugin allows you to at-a-glance view how much space you have available, and the status of the drives as shown below:-

The screenshot below shows the drive information if for example you remove a disk:-

You can find the beta here: WHSDroboStatus.wssx. Simply install the add-in as normal from any WHS client computer.

Please note you must have the Drobo dashboard software installed on your Windows Home Server for the plugin to work (you probably have it installed already! If not you can find the right version from the drobo website).

Any request for new features/feedback can be added here: http://whsdrobo.uservoice.com

Please also leave a comment to let me know how you get on with it!


Mario @ Drobo said...

Ross, great work on this! You are the winner of the challenge, and I look forward to others using your plug-in.


Mario Blandini
[email protected]

coptechs said...

Ross- Addin looks good. One question, although your add=in and the Drobo software see my Drobo, it doesn't show up in My Computer and in the Server Dashboard, it shows up with unknown capacity and no other info. When I try to run a backup to it, I get a msg saying the drive isn't connected. I'm using USB. Thoughts?